Liberty Rent Guarantee is on a mission to help build communities by reducing the risk of defaults in the multi-family market. We are a cosigner for potential residents of multi-family properties who have less-than-perfect credit. 


Following the Housing Crisis of 2007, founder and CEO, Bubba Grimsley, a practicing attorney, was representing families who had lost their homes and had difficulty finding a place to live because their credit had been damaged. The families were still employed, still had kids in the school system and ties to the community, but they were unable to rent based on their credit scores.  

“We were working closely with people who proved that your credit score does not define you,” he said. “We wanted to offer more than tenant screening. We were willing to guarantee our results by co-signing for the resident. If we said they would make a good tenant, we agreed to stand behind them.”

Now, Liberty Rent Guarantee helps property owners fill units without risk of default, while simultaneously helping consumers find a good home and re-build their credit. “We give our residents more than just a key to a new apartment,” Grimsley says. “We give them a key to a new life.”

Operating nationwide, Liberty Rent Guarantee has helped secure homes for thousands of families by serving as a limited co-signer an every lease it agrees to guarantee.



The Liberty Rent Guarantee Team is here to help you fill units and build communities. We attend many industry trade shows and would love to meet you personally. We are here for you and will take care of any question or concern. 


Bubba Grimsley
                            Partner                                                          CEO                              


Kenneth Revelle
Defaults & Budget Manager

Arthur Walasek
     Director of IT       


Brandon Hasenfuss
Business Development Executive



Michelle Segrest


Johnny Mims
                             Partner                           Director of Operations

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Bethany Womack
            Photography/Graphic Design                  


BUBBA Grimsley

For the past two decades, Bubba Grimsley has been in the private practice of law. About 10 years ago, Grimsley began to transition into business ventures. He has been the owner of small businesses, a partner in startups, has served on the boards of publicly-traded companies, and has served as general counsel and CEO of a small technology company.

Inspired by helping people during and after the housing crisis, he found a recipe that could benefit property owners and consumers. Since 2014, he and his Liberty Rent Guarantee partners have cosigned for thousands of guaranteed contracts to help families who would not have otherwise qualified to live in their desired community.

Bubba works hard for his customers. But when the work is done, he spends his time boating and fishing on the Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi Gulf Coast with his two sons. “Being a father to my two boys is my life’s greatest accomplishment,” he says.

In addition to family and business, Bubba also has a passion for his community and philanthropic projects. He has served on four children’s charity boards, and has twice ridden a 150-mile, single-day bicycle ride for charity.

He says that working with the Liberty Rent Guarantee team doesn’t feel like work. “We work well together, and we play well together,” he says. “We hold nothing back. We have a great task ahead of us, and we shine in performing it.”



Johnny Mims has more than 12 years of experience in finance with large companies like World Omni Financial/Southeast Toyota Finance, United Auto Credit Corporation and Regional Finance Corporation. He has degrees from Lakeland, Florida’s Southeastern University and Georgia Tech and is an ordained minister.

He uses his professional experience and education as a founding member of Liberty Rent Guarantee to help consumers qualify as residents while keeping the process flowing efficiently. “I am passionate about working with people who are driven to help our communities and change the world,” he says.

But he’s not all business. When he’s not qualifying contracts for Liberty Rent Guarantee, Johnny enjoys singing and playing the acoustic guitar and stays busy being a single father to a teen-aged daughter. He is fluent in Spanish, loves to travel, and has visited 10 different countries. He also enjoys binging on Netflix and watching anything on the BBC.

Johnny finds working with Liberty Rent Guarantee a gratifying experience. “We truly have a passion for positively affecting families’ lives,” he says. “We help to provide them with something that impacts everything else they do—we help provide them a home.”


Brandon Hasenfuss

Brandon Hasenfuss is passionate about sales and has the experience to prove it. Immediately after graduating from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a minor in business, he began selling residential and commercial HVAC in Central Alabama. He later pursued sales in the pharmaceutical industry and promoted specialties for three different companies.

“I’m passionate about sales because it allows me to meet people on a daily basis,” he says. “I enjoy being able to better understand what is important to my customers and helping to provide solutions.”

An avid golfer, Brandon takes pride in refining the sport and spending time on the golf course with friends and family. The competitive nature of golf, combined with the precision required, has translated into his business success. He says his greatest business accomplishment is when he acquired an under-performing territory and then turned it into a territory that ranked fifth nationally for his company.

In addition to golf, Brandon loves all things Auburn and all kinds of music. He and his wife, a fellow Auburn graduate, are the proud parents of a son and a daughter.

Brandon takes pride is his contributions to the Liberty Rent Guarantee efforts. “I don’t make work about me—it’s always about the customer, he says. “It’s important to be involved with a business that provides a genuine service that helps a lot of people. I feel like working with Liberty Rent Guarantee allows me to be a part of something that is small, but has unlimited potential. We truly provide a unique service where everyone benefits.”



Kenneth Revelle has worked in the civil engineering field for 18 years. In addition to being the Defaults and Budget Manager for Liberty Rent Guarantee, he also serves as the Utility Engineer and Budget Manager for the Mobile County Public Works Department. Prior to working in the Civil Engineering Field, he worked as a financial consultant and is also a licensed, registered stock broker.

Ken uses this diverse experience to accomplish difficult challenges with broad vision and follow through. When he’s not working he spends time studying monetary policy and finance and learning about how it affects the many different aspects of life. 

He also enjoys spending quality time outside, grilling and chilling with friends and family, including his wife of 13 years and two sons. He also loves to travel and explore new places.

Ken finds value in his work with Liberty Rent Guarantee. “I enjoy working as a financial manager to help others reach their long-term financial goals,” he says. “I like to look at the financial universe from a different viewpoint. Working with the team at Liberty Rent Guarantee allows me to work with brilliant people who work tirelessly to help others.”



In 2015, after more than 25 years of experience as an award-winning journalist, Michelle Segrest founded Navigate Content with two specific goals in mind—to continue to develop intriguing content for the industries she loves while also being the captain of her own ship.

Michelle has a proven track record for conceiving, producing, implementing, and marketing big ideas that leverage profitability and expand the overall brand profile for her clients. She strongly believes that developing just the right content requires a deep understanding of the industry and a connection to the audience.

She sees great value in promoting the brand and mission of Liberty Rent Guarantee. “This company is truly doing meaningful and substantial things for people and their communities,” she says. “It’s so cool to talk with the property managers who are so happy to fill their units with quality people—people who without this company would not have the ability to live there. Liberty Rent Guarantee helps families find great homes in communities that they otherwise could not live in.”

A graduate of Auburn University and resident of Plash Island in Gulf Shores, AL, Michelle has two children, a daughter who is a recent graduate of her alma mater, and a son who is a sophomore at Auburn. When she’s not working, she’s playing tennis, traveling, kayaking, geocaching, or sailing with her two Beagle pups. She specializes in creating exceptional content that is significant, meaningful, educational, entertaining, and inspiring. She provides strategic guidance on new editorial and marketing concepts and loves to tell a great story.



A graduate of Texas A&M University, Bethany Womack is a marketing strategist with a passion for empowering brands. She works with small businesses and entrepreneurs to help establish and perpetuate a consistent brand message through design, photography, and copywriting.

Previously, Bethany worked as a marketing director creating and implementing marketing plans for million dollar events around the world. She has experience as the creative director for all visual collateral, directed event videos, and created digital and print marketing collateral. She developed and nurtured working-relationships with influential media members and managed all of the social media platforms. Most importantly, she forged a consistent content marketing strategy (with visual assets and written copy) that helped to solidify the brand in the eyes of the target audience.

A much larger vision inspired her to build her own company doing what she does best! She now empowers entrepreneurs and small businesses to showcase the best version of themselves. “The Liberty Rent Guarantee team is a blast to work with,” she says. “The team is innovative and creative and willing to stretch the limits to get it’s message to the public.  It’s a pleasure to work with a company that has such an impact on families and communities.”

Bethany is married to a fellow Aggie. They look forward to sharing their Pokemon obsession with their new baby, Bowen.